Bread, Puppets, & C’ville

An incarnation of the Bread & Puppet Theater passed boldly through C’ville Saturday. The troupe dispensed plenty of cheap art, providing whimsical-but-biting reflections on contemporary society, including war, consumerism, and other ready targets.

Whether in their white outfits or costumed as horses, tigers turkeys, or humans, the members brought spirit and enthusiasm to their skits. They used music (someone was playing or singing something pretty much the entire time), slapstick (using a soft bat, characters illustrated five kinds of war with an announcer naming each kind—civil, ??, cold, biological, and preemptive—and another character bashing others), and skill (from players moving about in jet-fighter masks to frogs tapping on lilypads, the dancing was clever and even impressive) to entertain.

The aioli on the bread was strong and the puppet heads were fun. The company is on its way to New York City.

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