Flying people

There’re at least two videos on the Web about base jumpers who dive off mountains wearing a special suit that has enough resistance to permit them to soar for 1000s of meters. Looks pretty cool. I worked for a bit on capturing an image, but they are too small and, when they’re out of the context of motion, too uninspiring. But the following links have some pretty cool stuff.

Here are two instances. Please add others to the comments.:

  1. Biertijd video (ignore the fun babes bit)
  2. MetaCafe video with Dave Barlia

Flash of the electrons to my sister for the pointer.



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6 responses to “Flying people

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  3. Jo Afton

    Yeah! OK! Sure! I would do that. *wink* Nah. But, I’ll watch this guys all freakin day long.

    Hope your shoulder is doing better. You weren’t out jumping off cliffs or anything like that behind Pat’s back, were ya?

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