Who Played Bianca?

We saw Lars and the Real Girl last night. I laughed a lot. It’s an unbelievable film and, though the conceit is carried maybe a tad too far, I left it more convinced than ever that kindness and tolerance are great virtues.

Lars is a guy living in a garage apartment in a small town in some wintery clime who buys a sex doll—Bianca—from the Internet and treats her as if she is his girlfriend, though she must sleep in the main house because of their shared religious beliefs. Initially, Lars’ brother and pregnant sister-in-law (they live in the main house) are mystified but tolerant and, eventually, the entire town goes along with the ruse, even electing Bianca to the school board. There are some guffaw-inducing scenes in a church, at a party, in a hospital.

Like so many products from Hollywood, there are many scenes dedicated to probing the deep, dark, secret reasons for things. I find the artistic proclivity for intrapsychic explanations objectionable, but on reflection, I’m starting to wonder if that wasn’t actually satirized here.

We routinely watch the credits pretty closely, but I don’t think we learned who played Bianca (but there was a wrangler for her). The entry on IMDB doesn’t have a cast credit for her, either. Link the the Web site.


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