FoR Peace

The venerable Fellowship of Reconciliation has a blog. Apparently FOR launched it this past summer. I’m adding it to my collection here and on Pacifist Posse.

FOR Staff and Leaders Are Blogging: Join Us

Visit — FOR’s blog — for daily information about peace & justice activism. In recent weeks, FOR leaders have written about and raised up such issues as:

the over-incarceration of people of color of prisons and the Jena 6;
a visit by Burmese exiles and monks to FOR, and the efforts of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and other allies to address the military crackdown in Burma;
the gathering of Muslims with others in observance of Ramadan;
working to end military recruitment of our youth in local communities.
Each workday we are profiling campaigns you can join to support human rights and peacemaking throughout the world. Please join our community online at our new Blog — be part of the conversation!


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