Sorry I missed it

The Ploughshares Fund sponsored an initiative called the Peace Primary that recognized efforts by organizations to promote peace. The idea was that people could vote for any of 12 organizations, helping determine which would receive $100,000 to pursue its goals.

The Peace Primary is a special initiative by the Ploughshares Fund to celebrate twenty-five years of high-impact grantmaking. Ploughshares Fund is a public foundation that enables the smartest people with the best ideas for building a safer, more peaceful world to implement their ideas and achieve results. Ploughshares Fund pools contributions from individuals, families and foundations and directs those funds to programs aimed at preventing the spread and use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and other weapons of war, and preventing conflicts that could lead to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

The vote is over and the site now shows how the winning [link removed; see note] organizations will use the funds. There’s also a pretty nifty Flash movie that autoruns when one hits the home page. Please refer to Plough Shares. Note: The domain name “” apparently lapsed and was picked up by a poker-promotion comapy; as of 10 December 2008, I’ve removed references to it.]


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