WWJB screening

Well, a lot of Hookville friends attended the 7:40 showing of WWJB. We were visiting with each other for a while before the trailers started. After the movie—which had me laughing, fretting, and nearly crying—Savi took questions. (Pat led off with a quick one: “Can we walk backwards in the mall tomorrow?) Someone (Asha?) asked her about the first amendment connection, so Savi sang it.

Hey, it’s a show worth seeing. Although tonight’s audience was probably composed of potential members of choir, the more folks who see it, the better the chances that the choir will grow. As Savi said, it’s a “clown wedge” that one can hope gets folks to stop and think about what’s happening.

Link to the movie Web site and the Rev. Billy site. Previous links about the WWJB opening, Happy BND, WWJB announcement, more stop-shopping publicity, Rev Billy caught by press, and Why not go shopping.

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