Somehow folks failed to find a dead person in an auto that had been wrecked?

A 72-year old woman left inside the twisted wreckage of a car that was towed to a police impound lot died within minutes of the crash that killed her, according to a preliminary autopsy report filed today by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Authorities investigating why police and fire officials failed to discover Shirley Lee Williams at the scene of the Saturday morning crash in Tarzana, said today that her son told rescuers that no one else was in the vehicle.




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2 responses to “Yuck

  1. Yuck, indeed! Goes without saying it’s been a top story here (we get the LA stations, being in Riverside County) and it shocks me each time I hear it. I was even more shocked when I saw pictures of the car and I can’t fathom how anyone could miss a body in there. Yes, it was a wreck, but not bad enough to not be able to see a body. A report I heard said she was on the floorboard, but still… And in the report you linked to it states that her son said no one else was in the car. Um, uh, one might naturally assume some confusion or possible head injury that would lead an accident victim to say such things. All in all, a very bizarre and sad story. :(

  2. Yes, sad. I imagine that the story would play sensationally on TV.

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