Terror vs liberty

Is my country doing well in reducing the chances of terrorist acts while respecting civil liberties? I’d say, “no.” According to a Harris Poll®, I’m aligning with US Democrats and Independents on this.

This Harris Poll was conducted online between 4 and 12 December 2007. It included 2,335 US adults with adjustments to make age, sex, ethnicity, and such correspond with population data. It asked questions such as, “How would you rate that the Bush administration has done fighting terrorism” and “How would you rate that the Bush administration has done protecting civil liberties?”

Specifically, the survey finds:

Concerning fighting terrorism, the Bush administration receives overall negative marks (59% negative, 38% positive). Among Republicans, a very large majority (73% to 24%) gives the Bush administration a positive rating. Not surprisingly, among Democrats, the opposite is true. By 84 percent to 14 percent, most Democrats are negative. Independents come closer to siding with the Democrats. By 66 percent to 32 percent most Independents give the Bush administration a negative rating;

A similar pattern also emerges on protecting civil liberties. A 57 percent to 33 percent majority of all U.S. adults feels that the White House has done either a fair or poor job on this issue. Most Republicans (by 65% positive to 28% negative) are much more supportive of the President. Conversely, by an overwhelming 80 percent to 12 percent, most Democrats are negative. Once again, Independents’ ratings (65% negative, 28% positive) are more like those of Democrats.

Link to the poll results.



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2 responses to “Terror vs liberty

  1. My wish for the New Year is that anyone in the progressive movement makes the link between loss of civil liberties of people with psychiatric diagnoses and failure to add to public safety in the same way that the Bush administration’s erosion of all our civil liberties has not made us any safer from terrorism.

  2. Good point, Alison. Thanks for remembering it for us.

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