We saw Juno

It was worth it. The story (no spoilers here) is about a savvy adolescent, Juno, who is impregnated by a classmate; she has to decide what to do about it. Her parents are mostly sympathetic and helpful. Her girl friend is by her side.

The irreverent, earthy, and profane humor of the earlier parts sets up the more serious turns of events in the the later parts. There’s a lot of chance for lots of actors to have good scenes. To be sure, stars Ellen Page, Michael Cera, and Jennifer Garner have the major turns, but there’s plenty of room for Jason Bateman, Allison Janney, J. K. Simmons (especially), and Olivia Thirlby to capitalize on their screen time.

The titles and tunes used in the film were a treat. I’d recommend it. IMDB link.


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