Hot chocolate


Lenert Engelberts and Sander Plug created a film about what happens when a chocolate bunny meets heat. There are three sections to the video, and I don’t want to spoilt it for readers, so I shan’t list them all. The image here explains the first. It’s a viral for Thomas Haas fine handmade chocolate.

Link to the QT movie. These guys have done lots of other interesting things. Check Mr. Plug’s Web site and Mr. Engelberts’ Web site. Check their collaboration on dik-dik mugmetdegoudentand (for a theater?). I need a translator!



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4 responses to “Hot chocolate

  1. Hannah Lloyd

    You have to find something of substance to get excited about, John. That’s just weird.

  2. True, I’m a little light on substance here…sigh. Compared to the advertisements I’ve seen on US TV, though, this is pretty cool (errr, hot?). Teehee.

  3. Hannah Lloyd

    True. I appreciate the visual punning, and need all the light weight humor I can find each day. Thanks.

  4. missprofe

    I like hot chocolate, but…not that way! Poor bun bun!

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