Pegeraro on tasing

As any self-respecting techie knows, the Consumer Electronics Show, probably the biggest technology event of year (save any of those Apple events), has been happening in the Las Vegas Convention Center this past week. I’ve played along a time or two. Among my favoritist posts is this one from Rob Pegoraro, columnist for the Washington Post:

LAS VEGAS–My “best product demo” award for this year’s CES has to go to Taser International, the manufacturer of those hand-held stun guns. At its booths, volunteers could sign up to get Tased at a low voltage. I had the fortunate timing to show up as one such individual was signing the fine-print-packed waiver form required for this demonstration.

Link to Mr. Pegoraro’s post. Remind me not to get tased (nor to say, “don’t tase me, bro”). Here’s a link to the CES site: Please tell me how to turn off the sound without having to use one’s local speakers or bailing out from the site.


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