Recycling Betty

Here’s a little celebration of Better Living Betty. Lots of good things happen when individuals find and fill a niche that promotes actions beneficial to others. Terri Kent, who maintains Better Living Betty, is taking social actions in a good direction here in my neighborhood. Better Living Betty provides localized content about recycling and similar environmentally friendly topics.

Betty, herself
Betty is the 50’s housewife (think Betty Crocker) reinvented for the 21st century. Instead of working in the kitchen (burning all those nasty fossil fuels with her oven and stovetop running), she is figuring out ways to change the American lifestyle for the better. She tends to the Earth, bringing a better world to the table, rather than a big fat roast turkey. Betty believes big changes begin with small steps and sees the potential in all of us to do better

In addition to the site, Better Living Betty has a blog presence going back to October of 2007. There’s a nice mix of personal experience that turns out to provide good guidance.

So, drop by Better Living Betty and follow along in the blog.


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  1. linksubs

    I will do so but in the meantime it would be great of you take a look at this new recycling web site started out in Australia. Planet Ark took one look at it and endorsed it immediately.

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