Unmitigated nonsense

I thought about putting this entry on one of my professional blogs (e.g., LD BLog), but it was so fishy that the only angle I saw was wondering about whether it was specifically designed to prey on people who didn’t read carefully and, therefore, might be sucked into the bologna being peddled on it. On this site we get a glimpse of the putative benefits accruing to those who read a book by or take a course from Melvin D. Saunders. Check out these claims:

  • You CAN Decide on a Better State of Mind for Your Life Today!
  • Achieve Immediate Success In Your Life
  • There are autistic lightning calculators, feeble-minded memory experts and ordinary children reading 20,000 words per minute!
  • You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results With The Following: Speed Reading – Photographic Memory – Fast Language Learning – Stress Relief – Create The Money You Need – Increase Your Energy – Make Better Choices – Develop Super Heightened Senses – Eliminate Pain – Learn Basic Telepathy

Well, I could go on, but let me draw your attention to the list of bullets following the promise, “Take The 100% Brain Course and Learn How To.”

Who in the world is buying this? Who?

I just want to throw up my hands and say “Ack! Phhht!”


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