I had fun reading entries on Karen Stollznow’s blog about skepticism Wed. night.

I’ve spent many years investigating the paranormal and pseudoscientific, including: ghosts, aura reading, psychics, medical intuitives, alternative therapies, mediums, faith healing, conspiracy theories, cults, pareidolia (seeing faces on places other than heads), religion, haunted houses and much more. My specialty is language-based phenomena, such as glossolalia (speaking in tongues), automatic writing, graphology, alien and monster languages and writing systems, EVPs, weird theories and bad thinking about language. I research a topic, test the theories and report my experiences. In doing so, the subject usually provides enough rope to hang themselves. Use their own ammunition against them, I say.

Ms. Stollznow also has another blog called “Bad Language” that I plan to peruse. Could be fun!


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