Elgin is a jewel

As noted elsewhere in this mini-mass of entries, I had great admiration for Elgin Baylor during my 1960s adolescence. As consequence, it’s with a certain self-serving pleasure that I point to an article called “Baylor, Seattle U scoring machine, was toast of town in 1950s” by Dan Raley in the Seattle (WA, US) Post-Intelligencer.

Mr. Raley had the apparently rare chance to interview Mr. Baylor, and the result is a glimpse at some history of basketball with which I was unfamiliar. I’m glad to have had the chance to read it. In addition to some new info, it’s full of memories for me.

I may have written this before. I came to be a Lakers fan by a set of serendipitous events (my family’s move to LA in 1959; my father’s interest in just about anything having to do with sports; my burgeoning interest in basketball; the Lakers arrival about the same time; the press coverage of Jerry West’s Olympic accomplishments, etc.).

As a guy without the physical size of NBA players and no outside shot, I really admired Jerry West’s play for the Lakers. I was ~6-2 and he was only a bit taller, but he could play. Still, as a 13-14 year-old, guard-sized, white kid in the 1960s…I wanted to be Elgin Baylor.

Thanks for the story, Mr. Raley. And, thanks, Mr. Baylor.


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