Better of two goods

The options in elections have often been described as forcing voters to choose the lesser of two evils but, for many citizens of the US this year, there is a choice between the better of two goods. Democrats in the US have an embarrassment of riches.

To be sure, some supporters of Barak Obama have concerns about voting for Hillary Clinton, and some supporters of Ms. Clinton will hesitate about voting for Mr. Obama. However, the similarities in their policy recommendations are so great (and the differences between either of their policies and the likely Republican candidate) that supporters of one should actually have little reason not to support the other on purely policy bases.

For the first time in the history of the US, the standard bearer for one of the contending political parties will not be a Caucasian male. If the projections about the strength of the Democrats in this election are accurate and do not change, the leaders of the US—supposedly of the “free world”—is likely to be a woman or an African-American. These are historic possibilities.

This election season should be a time of celebration.

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