{CLAW}ing their way somewhere

In case you’re in my neighborhood and haven’t heard about it, allow me to point you toward what appears to be a regular cultural event that merits consideration for support: The {Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers} ({CLAW}). It appears to be a light-hearted (if not light-headed) community-building effort cleverly conceived and executed with a lot of levity.

Although the group’s name is self-explanatory (except why those brackets are there), here’s a description of one of the admirable reasons for its existence from late January 2008:

Thursday night was the first organizational meeting of the CLAW {Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers} at Blue Moon Diner and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Sixteen women showed up (seventeen if you count our awesome waitress) and the camraderie seemed instant. Every one of us are arm-warriors, ready with “terrifying” personas and fake nails, to raise crazy amounts of money for women-initiated causes in our town.

For those who are not nearby, you can play along by monitoring the blog at clawville.wordpress.com. For those who are in the neighborhood, the next matches are 8 April.


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