Solar may yet shine

Sunny days may finally get to power parts of the US. According to the Los Angeles Times Southern California Edison plans to place photovoltaic cells on the roofs of many large buildings in southern California. The installations, which are slated to begin very soon and be completed in about five years, will generate enough power to supply over 160,000 homes.

In 1980 when he ran for US president, Barry Commoner explained how prices for photovoltaic cells would fall dramatically if the US simply switched to using them as energy sources for remote signaling and sensing stations; the increase in the demand would then lead to even greater availability and, consequently in even lower prices. In addition, because fossil fuels were then (and probably now still are) powering those stations, switching to photovoltaic cells for power would reduce the demand for oil, consequently freeing the US from dependence of foreign countries for fuel.

Read the LA Times story. Learn more about Barry Commoner via a Wikipedia entry. Check the Wikipedia entry on photovoltaics.


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