CLAW climbs higher

Those Local Ladies Who Wrestle clawed their way into a lead spot on the local newspaper. That’s right, {CLAW} is getting real press rather than recognition in this out-of-way, pseudo source. Under the headline “Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers charity tournament,” Megan Lovett covered last Tuesday’s event.

On the second Tuesday of every month, Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers take over Blue Moon Diner, transforming it from a neighborhood eatery to a wrestling ring. Providing a riotous mash-up of theater and athleticism, the event raises money for a different woman-initiated local charity each month.

There is more, and there are photos. You can read all of Ms. Lovett’s story and see her moving pix here. As for my previous coverage, check here. And, of course, here’s a link for the actual scoop on {CLAW}.


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