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Some folks, who identify themselves as “Dr.,” have a rather minimalist blog entitled “Crap-Based Medicine: A sensible alternative to reality” where one can find bologna therapies lampooned. Whether there actually are several of them or only one with multiple usernames, the posters have cute names: Dr. Professor Synginson Buggery, Dr. Sexy, Dr. Phil Theelier, Q.D. Their subjects include homeopathy and enemas, helping explain the blog title.

The entries are brief, appear irregularly and infrequently, and have some fun bits. I especially recommend the comments. Make sure you read the tags on entries; and I do mean “read” as in treat them as connected text, not isolated references.

The bloggers routinely use the “more” tag cleverly, permitting a gullible reader to bite by clicking on the link entitled “Read the rest of this entry ».” Try the entries entitled “Breaking news on homeopathy,” “We are all Heath Ledger,” “Oh Dear, an Update,” and a few more. Prepare to waste some time laughing.


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