Local wingsuits

High flying people showed up on the front page of the Daily Progress, my local newspaper. Because I’ve featured the topic a couple of times in this source (28 Nov 2007 and 6 Dec 2007; lots of video links in those posts), I had a little fun leap of my own when I saw the story in the (literal) paper this AM. Of course, I didn’t actually go into freefall…just lightly lifted out of my chair.

Scott Gray and his brother, Chris Gray, started The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy last spring. They’re featured in the story by Tasha Kates. Here’s a link to the on-line version of Ms. Kates’ story (scroll down to get the story). At the top you’ll find a video explanation with some interspersed still photos, courtesy of Tasha Kates and Scotty Burns, Sky2 Productions.


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