Nope, I’m neither referring to the Spanish for “day” nor have I mistyped the acronym for “do it yourself.” I’m referring to Democracy in Action, a group that makes the contemporary tools of electronic advocacy available to its less-than-wealthy friends. Now, I don’t know that I agree with all of the causes these folks advance (I have reservation about the agenda advocated by “progressive educators,” though I don’t mean this to cast aspersions on any of the education groups using DIA), but I like many of the causes and I like the idea of DIA.

DemocracyInAction.org believes technology can be a decisive force for social change. We exist to empower those who share our values of ecological and social justice to advance the progressive agenda.

Just what that’s all about confuses some folks, so what you need to know about us probably depends on where you’re coming from.

We’re a progressive nonprofit whose core activity is providing e-advocacy tools to other progressive nonprofits for pennies on the dollar relative to the fees demanded by the private sector. We democratize e-activism, freeing practitioners to pour resources into mission and strategy. If you’re a nonprofit who might want to use these tools, that’s probably what you need to know—and you can think about us as a service provider that just happens to be a 501(c)3, or as a mission-focused organization that just happens to sell “software as a service.” It’s up to you.

Link to Democracy in Action.


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