Chiggers are coming

Google\'s account of the frequency of searches about chiggers

I’ve had a few chiggers in my life. I can remember a time when as a boy I lived in Manassas (VA, US) and got a batch of ’em. And I got some much more recently (like 45-50 years more recently!) while walking the ground near a piece of property that’s been in my mother’s family for ˜150 years. (There was a standing wordplay about that area: “It’s full of chicks and tiggers.”)

Well, here in the central part of Virginia, the chigger times are upon us again. There will be an upsurge in bites, wonders about the home remedies, and scratching. Here are links to a couple of earlier posts that cover the bogus and not-so-bogus remedies: Chigger remedies and More chigger remedies.


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