Write for rails

If you live in my neighborhood of Earth, you would benefit from increased railroad access, and the time is ripe to write a note in support of more frequent rail service. How do I know you’d benefit? Even if you wouldn’t ride a train between C’ville and DC (or NY or Greensboro or etc.), it would be better for our environment to take more cars off the highways, reducing he congestion and pollution they produce. If you would ride the train, you would have the benefit of being able to work or snooze during trips rather than having to drive. I’m writing a letter to the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation supporting plans to have more trains running in the piedmont corridor of Virginia.

You can do so, too. Courtesy of the Cville Rail (Charlottesville Citizens for Better Rail Alternatives), you can learn a lot more about the benefits of having greater rail access along the piedmont corridor. You can also even get a sample letter.

In addition, you can get more information about Virginia-wide rail service via the Web site of Virginians for High Speed Rail (yes, it does need a hyphen, but that’s the way these folks spell it). For rail-buff-wannabes, there’s also interesting info at the Web sites for the Rivanna Chapter of National Railway Historical Society and the Central Virginia RailFan. Also, see my earlier post on the topic of riding rails in Virginia.


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