Look 3 is coming

This year for the second time, people from elsewhere will join local folks for LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. This is the 3-day program that will run 12-14 June (“3 days of peace, love, and photography”) and will draw lots of folks to the downtown mall. There will be exhibitions, photos projected in outdoor venues, workshops, opportunities to hear world-famous photographers—Mary Ellen Mark, Joel-Peter Witkin and James Nachtwey—discuss their work and photography in general, all happening in downtown C’ville. It’s really nifty to have this unique event in our midst.

Link to the festival’s home page; for those who remember site names, the organizers have two domain names: festivalofthephotograph.org and look3.org. See what other folks are saying about it:

  • Galleries:
    • Les Yeux du Monde gallery is featuring the festival in it’s sidebar under “Summer 2008 highlights”;
    • There’s a mention of last year’s festival in on the site of the Second Street Gallery;
  • Blogs:
    • On One City Blog, former mayor David Brown has an entry about last year’s festival;
    • Over on Lightstalkers, Andrew Owen has a note about this year’s session to be led by David Alan Harvey, Eugene Richards, William Albert Allard, Lynn Johnson, Maggie Steber, and MaryAnne Golon;
    • RealCentralVA Jim Duncan’s blog about real estate in central Virginia;
    • Sarah Underhill Photography has a link in her blogroll;
    • David Alan Harvey has a link to the festival in the side bar of his blog road trips;
    • Faye White has a link in the blogroll of One Wild and Precious Life;
    • Over on Photo Business News & Forum, John Harrington has an entry about his plans to visit last year’s festival;
    • In February of 2007 on Eight Diagrams, Wayne Yang published a 3-part interview (part iii here) with Sam Abell about the plans for the first festival;
    • In the photography section of Daily Serving Seth Curcio mentioned the festival in an entry last year about Nathan Baker’s work;
    • Over at Photoshelter, there’s a post about Grover Sanschagrin’s plans to visit last year’s fesitval; and
    • There are apparently even mentions of the festival on the Italian site of Sandro Iovine and an entry on a Chinese-language blog.

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