Podblack Cat

I am adding Kylie Sturgess’ Podblack Cat to the links (“blogroll”). Podblack Catis a work on a wide variety of topics, but what makes it merit inclusion here are Ms. Sturgess’ focus on skepticism, atheism, and science. However, because of her focus on education, I also plan to add it to the blogroll on Teach Effectively.

In short, I’ve gone from being ‘just a secondary-school English teacher’ …. to an M.Ed in Special Learning needs; a writer for the new Philosophy and Ethics course in my state; a research-assistant on retention and engagement in schools at a Perth university and the Education Department; an author for several journals on science and critical thinking and (best of all!) a teacher-trainer for the current and next generation of primary and secondary educators in my state.

I’m also writing my dissertation on paranormal and pseudoscientific beliefs in teenagers and work with other professionals in the field. All of these things at the same time, yes.

Sometimes I’m found at conferences, taking too many notes. More often than not, using my blog to post the literature review for my dissertation. The rest of my time belongs to my family – and ballroom dancing. My tango is something to be seen.

Link to Ms. Sturgess’ Podblack Cat. Flash of the electrons to Liz Ditz for alerting me to this source.


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