New XO

According to the staff at Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED), the initiative to put computing capacity into the hands of the Earth’s children, One Laptop per Child, is readying the second iteration of its computer; the first was called “XO” and, apparently, the next will be “XOXO.”

Read TED’s entries about the ecofriendly redesign (there are two links there; the latter has multiple pictures). De Zeen has a nifty entry. Design Heist has the same photos that appear in the TED entry. There’s also a YouTube video with Yves Behar discussing the design of the computer.

Learn more about OLPC’s project (still showing the XO). I’ve posted other entries about the XO project: the Time magazine cover story, David Pogue’s take, the purchase-and-donate program, an early video of the XO, and my first cheers for the program.


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