Many moons rise

David Haldane of the Los Angeles Times reported that law enforcement officials, including some in helicopters, dispersed a large crowd of people who were dropping trowsers at passing trains. In “Police halt ‘mooning’ of trains in Laguna Niguel after a crowd of 8,000 gathers: Some bared more than their bottoms, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department says,” Mr. Haldane reported about the 29th annual event where people line up along a chain link fence close to passing train tracks and display derriere as passanger trains pass.

Police were called out to break up the annual “mooning” of Amtrak trains in Laguna Niguel on Saturday when the crowd grew to 8,000 and many began baring more than just their behinds.

“We had some mooners and some female flashers and some people who were nude altogether,” said Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. “There was also lots of drinking. We felt that it was in the public’s interest to shut it down.”

The event is replete with vendors, decorated behinds, babies, and lots of other fun. My search for “moon” at the Web site of the Guinness World Records returned zilch and there’s no entry in the mass participation page, so I’m guessing that there isn’t an official record for the largest number of BAs delivered in one place at one time. That makes it sound like there’s a record waiting to be set, and 8000 is a major starting mark.

Link to Mr. Haldane’s story. Visit the Website for the event to read details and see photos. Of course, there are many videos available from YouTube.


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