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This afternoon (3 PM local time), WMRA’s Virginia Insight will broadcast an interview about Kay Allison’s program to provide reading materials for inmates in nearby prisons, “Books Behind Bars.” The show will take telephone questions Monday at 888-967-2825, or 888-WMRA-TALK.

Books Behind Bars

Read any good books lately?

That question is getting asked more and more often these days in an unusual place… in prison.

Thanks to a Charlottesville based program, thousands of books are now making thier way into jails and penitentiaries across the commonwealth.

On this edition we talk with the woman who founded the “books Behind Bars” program, as well as some of the inmates who say her books changed thier lives.


Kay Allison – Director, The Quest Institute.

Link to the Web pages for Virginia Insight, Kay’s Quest Institute, and my
previous post about this worthy program.


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