HelpIsHope is alive

So, I might be behind the times, but at least I now know that Help is Hope is up and running. Help is Hope will raise funds for victims of the disastrous earthquake in May 2008 in China. It’s staffed by a local group of volunteers. From the “about” page:

China Earthquake Relief Concert Series is initiated and organized by a volunteer team comprised of staff members and students from the University of Virginia (UVa), and supported by International Studies Office (ISO) at UVa, UVa’s Chinese Students and Scholars Society (CSSS), and various musicians and artists who are volunteering to perform on stage.

This endeavor is beyond all national divisions, racial boundaries, and religious differences. We are simply human beings, seeing others falling over and reaching out hands without thinking. Person to person.

We have one simple goal to help ease the suffering of the 4.8 million homeless and countless affected victims of the disaster to recover their lives.

Link to the Help is Hope Web site.


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