Bike to work

It’s time to add a category to the list of categories for my notes that appear here. Since our move into the city, I’ve begun to use a bicycle for transportation around C’ville. Now, what should I call most posts on this topic?

My neighborhood has changed. The current new one (Pat call’s our place “The Rental”) has what seems like wonderful neighborhood. We know folks here. We’ve met others. People stop and talk with each other. Sheesh, community. I wave and ring my bell as I pass them on my way out of Willoughby.

The old category, “Neighborhood,” is a bit out of date now. It had many of the same features, to be sure, plus all of the benefits of living in the country. I miss our more frequent contact with our friends and neighbors around Tom Mountain and North Garden. Perhaps I should have “Neighborhood NG” and “Neighborhood City,” but that’s unwieldy.

But, as important as it is, the neighborhood’s not the point. I wanted to talk about commuting via bicycle. Before I create a category, I’ll just use a tag. I’ll start posting entries about my local bicycle situation and tag ’em biking or cycling or some such. As things evolve, I’ll develop the category…then I’ll have to go back and re-categorize the earlier posts.

  • I rode to my office today.
  • I ran this AM, too, so the ride of ~18 min each way was on top of that work out. How does that add to my aerobic fitness, if at all?
  • I was glad to be able to contribute less to the carbon impact of driving fossil-fueled devices.
  • I was glad that no drivers knocked me off my bike.

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