Following on a comment by Parker Morse, who’s quasi-blogging for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) from the Beijing Olympics, I added the times that Usain Bolt ran during the heats, quarter-, semi-, and finals of the 100M and 200M races. Given that he ran four times in each event, he ran a total of 1200m and it took him 119.98 secs to do so. That’s a 99.983 pace per 1000m. That extrapolates to an ~8:20 5K. The current men’s world record in the 5K is Kenenisa Bekele’s 12:37.35. This strikes me as an interesting index of how extraordinarily fast the 5K runners are going. Of course, one could directly extrapolate rather than using the cumulative times: Mr. Bolt’s 100M time (9.62) goes out to an ~8:00 and his 200M time (19:30) goes out to an ~8:03.


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3 responses to “Bolt

  1. pjm

    The additive time is slower because it includes seven or eight starts, of course. I’m glad someone did the addition, though! I’ve been curious about this since last night.

  2. Also, it doesn’t take into account how often Mr. Bolt started to jobg as he approached the finish line meters in front of the other very fast men in his heats!

    Thanks for suggesting the calculation and for replying.

  3. Sheesh, it took me most of a week to realize I typed “job” when I thought “jog.”

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