Tough run

Today’s Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler was run under brutal conditions, but it was still a wonderful community event. There must’ve been a 1000 spectators watching at least 2500 runners flood along Garth Rd. following Mark’s newly arranged course. And those runners accomplished lots of special goals. This year, the event raised more than $300,000 for the cause.

Part of the reason that this is such a special event for the community is that it mixes the fastest local racers with the everyday local runners and the once-a-year runners-walkers, virtually all united in common concern about breast cancer. Women of diverse ages, shapes, and (of course) speed share the course and cheer each other. Mothers and daughters, sisters, and others cover the distance, many in remembrance of loved ones who survived and died of the disease.

I usually work the chutes, looking for anyone who might need medical attention. On a day when the temperature was probably >70° with >90% humidity at the start, there were many who needed help. When a participant crosses the line into the chutes carrying a banner with the name of someone who succumbed to breast cancer, however, it is often difficult for me to keep my focus on making sure that she and the others surrounding her are safe; I have to blink my eyes and swallow the lump in my throat and get back to watching them in case someone collapses or starts to puke on my shoes.

But it is a race, and this year it was a close one. Here’s a snippet from the results. Check the race numbers with the finish order. Mark did a superb job of seeding it.

Place Div/Tot Bib & Name Age Sex City State Chip time Gun time Pace
1 1/277 1 Dana Coons 29 F C’ville VA 24:25 24:26 6:07
2 2/277 2 Dawn Cromer 28 F C’ville VA 24:26 24:27 6:07
3 1/285 3 Andrea Wright 47 F C’ville VA 24:30 24:31 6:08
4 1/351 4 Eliza O’Connell 37 F E’ville VA 24:33 24:34 6:09
5 1/143 441 Shalane Carlson 20 F C’ville VA 25:45 25:46 6:27
6 3/277 10 Dawn Herrick 28 F C’ville VA 26:06 26:08 6:32
7 4/277 11 Becky Keller 29 F C’ville VA 26:16 26:18 6:35
8 1/290 5 Nicola Ratcliffe 41 F Crozet VA 26:25 26:26 6:37
9 2/351 3060 Mary G. Manley 37 F C’ville VA 26:31 26:33 6:39
10 3/351 9 Sarah Trundle 38 F C’ville VA 26:32 26:33 6:39

Link to the official Web site and the Charlottesville Track Club’s results page.


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One response to “Tough run

  1. Christiann DeFries

    It was a tough run, but as you mention, worth more than words can say to some. I ran as a 5 1/2 year survivor. I was so blessed with fine medical care and a deep, abiding faith. I am humbled to be running with women for whom the journey has proven more difficult and who are still struggling through treatment. Cynthia and Mark are so giving, as is the community! Thanks to all who made it happen!

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