Tough tri

Sheesh, talk about tough races. My friend Ian sent a note about a 24-hour run-bike-swim event in which he participated recently. He and his partner did quite well as a two-person team, completing the equivalent of > 21 triathlons in 24 hours. Here are the race requirments, according to Ian:

This race, which took place this past weekend in Denver (from 8 am Saturday to 8 am Sunday) at a state park, is a unique event. It consists of a sprint triathlon course in which each leg is 1/10th of an Ironman — so a .24-mile swim, an 11.2-mile bike and a 2.6-mile run, and you do as many triathlons as you can in 24 hours. Do 10 of each, and you’ve done an Ironman. Do 20 and you’ve done 2 Ironmans. Do 30 and …. well, no one’s ever done 30. Other than the initial tri, which has to be done in swim-bike-run order, you can do the events in any order you want.

But, golly, ain’t that a lot of work? See this site and look for Ian’s results (Team Hersey/Hachmann).


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