Obama rally clogs grounds

So, about 3:10 PM I look out my Ruffner Hall office window, across the construction site and across Emmet St. and…. Wow! There is a line of people stretching from Newcomb Hall to McCormick. It’s 100s of meters long and people are standing two abreast. They’re apparently queuing to get into the rally where Ms. Michelle Obama will speak today.

According to the U.Va. news folks:

Sept. 17, 2008 — The area around Central Grounds Garage will be very congested Wednesday afternoon because of the Obama campaign’s voter registration rally on Newcomb Plaza. The rally is to start at 4:50 p.m., but attendees will be arriving well before that. Avoid the area during your afternoon commute if you can.

I can see why they issued this warning. It’s only a little after 3:00 PM and the line is now back across the McCormick bridge that crosses Emmet St.

Link to the travel advisory from which I extracted this quote.

Update at 3:30: The line appears to have moved ahead several times–there it goes again–but it still stretches back to McCormick.

Update at 3:52: The line appears to have emptied now. Probably the Newcomb Hall patio is packed…and it’s still an hour until the rally’s slated to start.


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