Candidate debate truths?

Of the two candidates for the US presidency who appeared together last night, who told the truth and who was stretching it? Was Mr. Obama’s assertion about Henry Kissinger recommending talks with Iran without preconditions true? Did Mr. McCain tell the truth about Mr. Obama’s vote for tax increases on people making as little as $42,000? Who was right about the position of Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on withdrawing troops from Iraq? Was Mr. McCain’s assertion about size of and growth in earmarks accurate?

Well, I don’t want to count on the politicians and their spinners to disentangle these and other questions. I would like to have the facts checked by relatively independent and well-informed folks So, I turned to Annenberg Political Fact Check for clarification. Let me recommend it.

By the way, one of the benefits of not having obtained antennae for our small old television is that we still use radio to tap into these sorts of events. Undistracted by facial expressions, etc., we had to listen to what the candidates said.


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  1. I’m curious as to what your “read” of the debate was via the radio…do tell! :)

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