Understanding this financial crisis

I suspect that I am, like many folks, ill-informed and dang-near mystified by the US (and, hence, other country’s) concerns about the current financial situation that, if we are to accept the pronouncements of politicians and pundits, is about as grave as we have seen in 100 years. Who in the world understands it well enough to explain to folks such as me? 

Ira Glass, that’s who.

I listened to This American Life tonight (though it’s broadcast at different times around the radio dial), and I learned a lot about what’s going on in this mess. I recommend downloading the show and reviewing it at least twice.



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2 responses to “Understanding this financial crisis

  1. It is a mess. And I can’t explain it all…But, I do have my opinions. I know most of our Politicans in Washington DC have had their hands in the “COOKIE JAR”. Taking big contributions from Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae over the past few years. I know they got it from Lehman Brothers and the other big financial groups that are in trouble now or have all ready gone under.
    I believe that our politicans have been raping wall street dry just like they have been doing to us, the american people. I do believe we haven’t heard the last of all of this either. I am somewhat sure there will be one of the biggest scandals that this country has ever faced. Crime is there in all of this, mark my words.
    Check out the blogs that I have posted on my blog site…Maybe you will see more answers there for you…or maybe see something that will get you thinking about just how bad things are in this country and just how furrious the american people have gotten.

  2. Here is a link that you might find sickening. It did me. If it does you please cut, copy, and paste it on people blogs you know..Get this out as much as we can….thanks.


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