36 more hours in Charlottesville

In his New York Times guide for a weekend in Charlottesville, Joshua Kurlantzick did an admirable job of capturing many reasons to visit the neighborhood, but he couldn’t capture them all and some of us might disagree with the list sites and eateries he chose to include. That locals might disagree with the list he provided in his 26 October 2008 story is easily understood; there are many possible reasons: There’s too much to cover in 10 or so bullets; hidden gems are hard to find quickly; people might interpret his lenses as colored by common tourism; etc.

So, I thought we might suggest a few alternatives for those 36 hours, or for a return visit. I’ll start the list with a few quick recommendations (in no special order) and readers can add more in comments:

  • Wandering the Corner
  • The city market Saturday AM
  • Lunch at Bizou.
  • Bicycling around southern Albemarle
  • Dinner at Bang or Zinc
  • etc.

Of course, there were some corrections we might want to suggest for Mr. Kulantzick’s article. I think he had his guests going the wrong direction when he suggested that the Waltons TV show was set in the Barboursville area, no? But that’s minor stuff.

Read the original.

Update:The location for the Waltons show’s setting was corrected 9 November.


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