Wassup redux

Even without having much access to TV, I know about the famous series of commercials featuring guys having a beer and watching the game. Well, folks at 60 Frames have revived it with an important twist. So, turn off iTunes and take a couple of minutes to watch this.

Flash of the electrons to So Cal Muchacha for alerting me to this. (Of course, BoingBoing had this a few days ago; I just don’t keep up the way I once did.) Rah-hoo-ray for 60 Frames. Only about 2.5 million YouTube views at the time of my posting.


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One response to “Wassup redux

  1. Guess it’s the ‘pay it forward’ of the blog world since I probably heard about it from someone else’s blog. :) Glad you found it good enough to blog about, too! And feel free to flash electrons my way whenever you’d like. ;)

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