I voted

We left home about 5:40 AM to go to the new poling place. Although I’d run to my voting place repeatedly over the last 20+ years when we lived in North Garden, our temporary residence sent us to a new polling location. When we arrived at Cale Elementary about 5:50, the parking lot was full and there were lots of folks in line. Out at Red Hill, I think I might have had to wait in a line of about 1 or 2 people, but this AM there were 130 (yes, I counted twice!) people ahead of us. This image shows the line ahead of us; the line turned right near the cars, went for ~20 meters more, then turned right again and went ~30 meters to the doors of the school cafeteria-gymnasium.

Once we got inside, we stood in one of five queues by first letter of last name and waited to announce our names and addresses to the poll workers; this line was 12-15 people. Once we identified ourselves to the poll workers (thank you!) and received our voting cards, we then waited in a third line (5 or 6 folks deep) to gain access to the voting booths. The card reads:

Give this card to the Machine Officer before entering the voting machine. If you have never voted on the AVC voting machine, ask the official for a demonstration or instructions. DO NOT press the "CAST VOTE" button until you are finished making ALL your selections and are ready to exit the machine.

In the voting booth, it was easy for me. Total elapsed time in lines and actually casting my ballot: ~25 minutes.

If you’re eligible and you haven’t yet voted, please do so!


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