Not so fast….not so good

My earlier optimism apparently was misfounded. It now appears that Mr. Perriello has 145 fewer votes than Mr. Goode. This morning, the image I took of the results from the Virginia State Board of Elections site showed that, as of 3:05 AM, 306 of the 307 precincts in the 5th District had reported results. As one can see, the image in this post (from the same site, but taken after 1 PM) shows that, as of 11:14 AM, all 307 precincts had reported their data. There was a swing of 1803 (1657+145) votes between the time I took those two images.

Hounds Creek


So, did that single precinct report such disparate numbers in its returns? Not as far as I can tell. The Hounds Creek precinct, which reported its data at 11:14 AM only includes a total of 782 votes. Mr. Perriello received 488 of those, as the first image at the right shows. Interestingly, as the second image at the right shows, the Plymouth precinct in Lunenburg County reported data at 9:58 AM, after my earlier post which included an image showing only one precinct remaining to report. The data for Plymouth show that Mr. Goode received 144 more votes than Mr. Perriello.

So, how does one go from 306 of 307 precincts reporting at Time 1 to having two precincts with data reported later than Time 1? I figured I should check the changes in the records of the state board’s data. So, I followed the link to those changes, and what I found is in the image at the right of this paragraph. It appears that the lagging precinct was Plymouth, which had not reported any results on election night, but reported 351 votes for Mr. Goode and 207 for Mr. Perriello at 9:58 this morning. The later change was a correction for Hounds Creek precinct, adding 300 votes to Mr. Perriello’s total at 11:14 this morning.

If I sum these numbers, here’s what I get:

Time Perriello Goode
3:05 AM 156,236 154,579
9:58 AM +207 +351
11:14 AM 300 0
  156,747 154,930

That doesn’t add up to the numbers shown in the image at the beginning of this post. So, where are the other changes? I’m going back to the state board of elections’ site to search more deeply.


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