Perriello still up

It’s been a challenge for me to make myself NOT track the changes at the Virginia State Board of Elections. I did O.K. most of today, only checking a time or two. Here’re my latest results as an image that I snagged from the VA SBE this evening:

That looks like ~648 votes at this point. Thanks to everyone who ventured out on Tuesday to express her or his opinion in this election.

Localities are still adjusting their reported results. They are altering vote totals because of provisional ballots, errors with the VERIS computer system, undervotes listed as overvotes (?), paper ballots, failure to enter data on election night, additions to one or the other candidates’ totals, inaccurate reporting from the precincts, and etc. Who knew that there was this much error (in the statistical sense) with the reporting of votes?

I drew these data from the Virginia State Board of Elections, not from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Mr. Perriello’s office, or etc. Those other sources may have people in the field with laptops and cell phones who are reporting data before (or after!) they are shown in the SBE results (or mishearing what’s being reported by official registrars and SBE officials). There’s lots of room for slippage in this stuff. We have to be patient.

How come, by the way, it’s not the Virginia Commonwealth BoE?


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