One Velociraptor Per Child

Mel Chua, Andrea Lai, Nikki Lee, and Greg Marra have a light parody of one of my favorite causes, the OLPC initiative. They’ve imagined what might arise if one replaced the laptop with a dinosaur. This looks like a lot more fun than Barney, to me.

The pet metaphor is so entrenched in personal dinosaur users’ collective consciousness that it is easy to forget what a bold and radical innovation Simplified Behavioral Conditioning (SBC) was and how it helped free the dinosaur from the “professionals” who were appalled at the idea of dinosaur training for everyone.

OVPC is about to revolutionize the existing concept of a human-dinosaur interaction.

Jump to One Velociraptor Per Child, explore, and enjoy. Flash of the electrons to Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo for alerting me to this. Previous content about the XO Laptop from 9 June 2008 and 25 May 2007.


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