Julian Bond redux

In “Julian Bond: Obama’s Election Has Many Meanings,” H. Brevy Cannon of the University of Virginia news service has excerpts from an interview with—of course—Julian Bond about Barack Obama’s recent election to the presidency of the US. As Mother Jones did, Mr. Cannon marks the similarities between Professor Bond’s and President-elect Obama’s career paths.

Professor Bond observed that that there were similarities during the early part of their careers, but that those parallels pretty much ended. And then he noted this: “Although I did run for president 1976, as I said earlier, it was spectacularly unsuccessful and really went nowhere.” With a little more coaxing from Mr. Cannon, Professor Bond made me grin:

UVA Today: Do you reflect back on how things could have gone differently?

Bond: I tend not to look back and reflect. I look forward.

I do have a basement full of bumper stickers from ’76 that I’m trying to get rid of.

I’ll take two, thank you.

Link to the U.Va. Today story. I posted previous entries about Professor Bond Aug 2006 and Jan 2008. It’s nice to know that we share Mr. Jefferson’s Resort for Intellectualizing.


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