Americans on line

The venerable Harris Poll released results of a telephone survey, conducted on various days between 16 October and 2 November 2008, examining the on-line activities of people in that particular part of the Americas, the US. Things appear to have changed dramatically since the heyday of AOL.

In 1995, when The Harris Poll® began measuring online activity, less [sic] than 18 million adults used the Internet in their homes, offices, schools, libraries or other locations. Now, thirteen years, later, fully 184 million adults are online.

The proportion of adults online trebled between 1995 (9%) and 1997 (30%), and kept on climbing rapidly to 63% in 2000. Since then growth has been slower, reading 73% in 2004 and 81% now.

I wonder what the percentages are for other geopolitical areas. In the developing world, of course, clean water, food, shelter, clothing, justice, peace, and such are more pressing needs. Still, that children elsewhere may not have the opportunities afforded those of us who can loaf virtually is a matter of concern to me.

Link to the article reporting the full results.


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