TX profs on ID: Skip it

According to a survey conducted, on behalf of the Texas (US) Freedom Network by Professor Raymond A. Eve of the University of Texas at Arlington, only about 2% of members of the biological sciences faculty in Texas show “even the slightest sympathy” toward “intelligent design.” Professor Eve, who surveyed 1019 members of the faculties in biology and biological anthropology in 50 public and private colleges and universities in Texas and received 464 responses to his 59-instrument, considers these data vitally important in light of the pending discussion of the matter, as he noted in the beginning of his report (co-authored by Chawki A. Belhadi):

In the spring of 2009, the Texas State Board of Education will vote to adopt new curriculum standards for the teaching of science in grades K – 12 in Texas public schools. (These guidelines are formally known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS.) Many observers, both within Texas and around the country, anticipate a vigorous push by certain interest groups to make the debate over the Texas science curriculum the latest front in the running battle over evolution. The situation in Texas has a special significance because it will likely be the test case for the newest strategy in efforts to discredit or undermine the mainstream scientific consensus on evolution. Specifically, opponents of evolution, aided by conservative members on the state board, hope to force high school science classrooms to include a focus on the “weaknesses” of evolutionary theory. (Actually, advocates for this position commonly refer to “strengths and weakness,” but in reality that seems to be the end of any further mention of “strengths.”)

I’m pleased to see that these folks anticipated the need for this survey. Of course, among people who believe, the data will probably have no effect. After all, with belief, there’s no need for reason or factual evidence.

Download the report of the survey results and methods: http://www.tfn.org/site/DocServer/FinalWebPost.pdf?docID=861.


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