Saving gay marriage.

According to this pretty clever item, there is hope for saving gay marriage! Watch “Prop 8 – The Musical.”

Now, in my view, the government should only grant licenses for civil unions. A couple would have to have a license for a civil union to gain the protections of the law. Because it’s a government function and We the People prohibit the government from discriminating on flimsy bases such as ethnicity, national origin, gender, and such, any two people willing to sign the necessary documents should be able to get a license to live in a civil union.

Religious groups can perform marriages. If religious groups require that a couple must have a license to live in a civil union before the religious folks will sanction a marriage, that’s up to the religion. Religious groups can make all the rules they consider appropriate for marriages.

But, they can’t interfere in the government’s provision of licensing civil unions. Let’s just separate the two and get over it.


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