T’day retrospective

As I reported earlier, P, C, and I drove to Roanoke for dinner with at my sister’s where my cousin was visiting. In this photo, taken by P, the other four of us are sitting around the table tumescently, with parts of a carcass and other remnants of the meal on the table. The famous cranberry kitty is visible near the dark red bowl.

Menu: Cheeses (Irish cheddar, St. Andre, and a local goat camembert) with crackers. Spiced nuts. Artichoke with dressings with fresh bread from ABC. Chilled carrot soup. An Amish turkey. Stuffing. Black beans (for me). Salad. Three pies (cranberry, pecan, and pumpkin).

It was good to visit. There was the usual period of time when lots of cooks were crowded into the kitchen. We got to talk with Ang about ideas for design of the kitchen in our new house (she’s a pro at such designs). Later, several of us had fun playing Scrabble.


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