Healthy bologna

I’m pleased when mainstream media sources call “bologna” on false claims and in “Ho-ho hokum? Gift products that claim to boost health and well-being,” Chris Wolston of the Los Angeles Times has done just that. He summons some science to give readers some truth about salt lamps, earth footwear, vision training, toothbrush sanitizers, and prayer-filled chocolate.

Some holiday gifts speak volumes about the giver. Are you the type who would fill a stocking with vitamins or fitness gadgets? If so, you’re obviously concerned about the well-being of the people around you. You’re also a bit of a risk-taker. When it comes to health products, it’s all too easy to end up gift-wrapping a package of nothing. Even the best items may not work for every person every time. And some are pretty much guaranteed to disappoint.

After that solid lead, he goes through the various products with the help of people who have expertise in examining their claims. You can read the entirety of Mr. Wolston’s article by following this link. If the LA Times story isn’t enough, you can catch up with a couple of his other writings by visiting the “Healthy Skeptic” section of Committee for Skeptical Inquiry; they are well written and informative.


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  1. There are some references to Salt Lamps in the LA Times article that were great to have finally published. Check out my blog for more about the snake oil sales nature of most Salt Lamp sites.

    I have been selling them for years but have sold them as works of Mother Nature’s handicraft. The Salt is carbon dated to 250 million years ago, and their beauty is enough to make them something to own.

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