HB, Sandy Koufax

It’s the birthday of Sandy Koufax, the baseball pitcher. Born Sanford Braun 30 December 1935 in Brooklyn (NY, US), Mr. Koufax is remembered for his stellar seasons in the early 1960s with the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team (recently moved from his home town). During that time he broke records for strikeouts, led the major leagues in important pitching categories, and was repeatedly named the best pitcher in US baseball.

As a child and adolescent, I marveled at his dominating performances. More recently, I read a biography by Jane Leavy that documented some of these achievements (in great detail; she recreated historic games from scorecards and, as I recall, a long-lost recording) as well as some of the problems Mr. Koufax encountered in contemporaneous culture because of his religion. Pretty interesting stuff.

So, happy birthday, Mr. Koufax.



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2 responses to “HB, Sandy Koufax

  1. Frank

    One night Dad and I were driving along, somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley.
    As we listened to the Dodger game, Vin Scully made it clear that Koufax was on his way to a possible no-hitter. Dad pulled over, and we parked and listened to the ninth inning of what was, indeed, a Sandy Koufax no-hitter.

  2. Cool! We should be able to identify the possible dates of that drive. Do you remember which car he was driving? That might help us infer the possible years.

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